Sunday, November 13, 2011


So, adding just one tiny person made this surprisingly trickier than last time, but hey, we're all in the frame, so that's success in my book.

Five in the Leaves

The awesomely misleading thing about blogs is you can just soak in that photo and think, man, I wish I had three little ones, I wish my family were like that, why isn't my life as perfect as theirs, and most importantly, why aren't I half as beautiful as them? (You're thinking that last part for sure, right? ha ha.) : )
What is not pictured is the hour long attention-seeking cryfest that nearly broke the will of two adults trying their hardest to get through it with any semblance of dignity, intelligence, or grace, wanting to throw in the towel but for knowing that getting the culprit (*cough*GEORGIA*cough*) outside for just 20 minutes of fresh air was our last ditch effort to break the cycle of emotional terrorism. What more can you say to someone who's sobbing because she has outgrown last year's winter pajamas, even though she just inherited 5 fabulous new ones? How long can you remain calm after explaining to a hysterical person a half dozen times, in six different creative ways, that flip flops aren't well suited for playing outside in November? After a week of everyone except Waylon taking turns being sick, this was a weekend requiring a lot of digging deep, a few extra glasses of wine, and several muttered "I'm going to shoot myself"s and "serenity now"s under our breath. But, you know, from the looks of it we just frolicked in the crisp autumn sun all day, so let's just go with that fantasy instead.

You all know how much I love putting babies in piles of leaves, though, right? So here are some shots from a more peaceful day.  Besides, I don't mean to sound ungrateful for what I have.  I know some people have much more serious battles they're fighting. If my problems are solved by a glass of wine, a nap, some good tunes, and a husband to lean on, I'm doing alright.  

Waylon in the leaves

Waylon in the leaves

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Danni said...

What a cutie. Wine cures all.