Monday, March 5, 2012

Some Stuff About Waylon at 6 Months

Ack! I am just under the wire because in a matter of days Waylon will be 7 months old. Forget the post I was going to do with lots of cute pictures of Waylon that haven't made the blog over time; maybe I will eventually get to that, and maybe I won't.

Instead, here are a few words from Joe and I that attempt to sum up Waylon at 6 months old, and three pictures that do the job.
  • Running errands with Waylon is like running errands with a live Cabbage Patch doll.
  • Joe's words upon returning from our conservatory outing were, "Could he be any more low key?" 
  • He's totally "hip-able" now.  The perfect size and stability level for toting around on my left hip.  (Always the left.  Why do I have a baby-carrying side?  Does everyone have a natural baby-carrying side?  If I try to force the right, it does not work at all.)
  • He's not even waving at the idea of sitting up.  Based on how quickly and compactly he folds in half if you try to prop him in a sitting position, I'm assuming his sport may one day be the second guy on the sled in two-man bobsled. 
  • He's so much more patient and tolerant at this age than his sisters ever were.  Must be all that extra "love" he gets from Georgia and June. 
  •  He's still taking three naps a day and doesn't have a very set schedule, but it's slowly becoming more predictable.
  • Thanks to (not-oft-discussed here) sleep training that began in earnest in November, he's now usually sleeping from about 7:30 to 7:30.  OH YES THANK YOU GOD.  (And now of course I fear that he's going to get up to eat three times tonight just because I wrote that.) 
  •  He's a voluminous puker. 
  • He's pretty darn cute, wouldn't you agree? 
  • Did we mention that he's easy going?  Or maybe he just really loves border terriers.  

Waylon 6 mos. & Finn

Waylon 6 mos. & Finn

Waylon 6 mos. & Finn

Oh, one more thing.  It's quite easy to make him laugh.  I'm pretty convinced that baby laughter adds years to your life, so you can thank me later for this video, if you can get past my horrible hair, that is. 


    Me? A Mom? said...

    Damn, you guys make cute kids.

    TomT said...

    Love the Waylon!

    Danni said...

    The pics and your description make me think Waylon's an adult trapped in a baby body.

    Sarah said...

    ADORABLE! Thank goodness he's an easy one!

    jessica said...

    Great, now I think I want a baby.

    Frances said...

    SO cute! I love the terrier licking his face. I hope Emília laughs like that one day soon. Waylon is a handsome little dude.

    katandkarl said...

    He's fantastic. I also have a hip - the left. Other side is completely unnatural. I wonder if it's because I'm a righty?