Friday, April 20, 2012

What June's Been Up To

This post has been a few months in the making because I've found it hard to find a chance to sit down and write it, but there is so much about June right now that Joe and I don't want to forget.  Despite displaying certain two year old tendencies, like whining and yelling to get what she wants, or throwing a fit when she doesn't, June's overall personality is sweetness and light.  She is my marshmallow girl:  sweet, squeezable, and soft.  And she's affectionate.  I'm sorry to draw comparisons, but Georgia, who in theory wants never to separate from her parents, nevertheless forgets to even tell us goodbye, much less offer a kiss or an "I love you" at preschool dropoff, whereas June would run up and hug the pizza guy goodbye if I let her.

List of Stuff to Remember:
  • She has always loved to pray at meal times, squeezing her eyes shut tight before she was old enough to even speak.  Now she says, "I have a pray!", reaches her hands out to grab ours, and usually bluntly offers up a few basic things she is thankful for.  One is always a family member, the other is something exciting to her.  Like, "I am thankful for my mommy and daddy, and my cake."  Awesomely straightforward. 
  • All of her L's and R's get pronounced as W's.  I secretly love it when she says things like, "Mommy, you are being so wude!"  
  • She went through a period of not using any contractions like don't, can't, etc.  This probably does not sound funny, but in practice it makes the person you're speaking to sound extremely formal.  
  • She is sleeping a ton.  Like, I will sometimes have to wake her up at 9:00 to get ready to go, and then she'll still nap in the afternoon for up to 3 hours and then go to bed for the night at 7:30.  I'm sure it's temporary, maybe due to a growth spurt or something, but it's wonderful.  It leads to some strange outcomes, like the time Joe had back to back evening work events on a Monday and Tuesday, thus finding himself kissing Junie goodnight on the preceding Sunday while saying, "I'll see you on Wednesday at dinner," as if he were leaving on a business trip. 
  • She calls M&M's marbles.
  • She totally ignores or disobeys the majority of all instructions.  This could perhaps be related to the fact that she gets an awful lot from Georgia.  Seemingly thousands daily.  Having heard me try to teach Georgia to be less bossy, June will now often object, "Mom! Georgia's giving me constructions!"
  • She has given me the nickname "Mommy Yooshu" (sp?) and often calls me that.  NO IDEA where that one came from. 
  • She calls all knives "sharps."  I'm sure this came from us saying to her since she was a baby, "Sharp! No touch!" every time she reached for one.  Anyway, now I find it amusing that we're all going around the kitchen talking about sharps as if we're in an operating room.  
  • Her hot buttons:  If you need her to get in her carseat, wash her hands, or whatever else, DO NOT try to physically move her or touch her or force her into doing what you want.  She hates that.  (And can you blame her?)  I have learned that it's far faster to wait her out, even when I'm feeling very impatient about her pace, than to move her/drag her/pick her up and take her to where she needs to be, otherwise she'll make me pay with up to 40 minutes of crying. 
  • It goes without saying, but she still loves that belly button.  
There are tons more of her little quirks that I may add to this list as I think of them, but for now, here are the pics.  (Notice a theme of snuggles?) 


(This is what I get when I go to nurse Waylon and put him to bed and BEG the girls to please play quietly by themselves for a few minutes. Technically, I guess she followed instructions.)

DSC_0025-2 DSC_0089 DSC_0107-2 Untitled
(March heat wave)

Super J
(Superhero day at school.)

DSC_0001 Untitled
(This is where she chose to watch TV on this particular day. Directly on top of me.)

Untitled IMG_1375
(Don't call her a friendly monster or else she'll inform you that she is very scary.)

DSC_0055 DSC_0075 Raspberry treat


jessica said...

so sweet. I lol'd at the Whole Foods monster photo.

Danni said...

Just getting caught up here. She is a beautiful and funny little girl!