Monday, April 23, 2012

Mark the Date


We interrupt regularly scheduled programming to inform you that on April 7, 2012, Joe left the house with all three children, without me.  For the first time ever.

Woohoo!  The ice has been broken, the waters tested!  They made it on foot all the way to the playground at the end of our block, where I joined them about 20 minutes later.  I would like to thank my dear friend Jessica for making this event possible by coincidentally calling just as we were all getting ready to go.

It was pure coincidence that Joe's first solo voyage occurred on Waylon's 8 month birthday, and he has assured me that he will not wait another 8 months for a second adventure.  Next up:  going somewhere with all three in the van.

In all seriousness, I hope this isn't coming across as if I'm mocking Joe here.  He is a fantastic, involved father who works very hard to cram his work in and get home to be with his family at every opportunity.  Realistically, we have had little to no need for him to do three-child outings without me.  However, when you don't ever do something, it starts to get a little intimidating, so I'm glad we're over that hump.

Plus, let's face it, I want credit for the insanity I sometimes take on with all three in tow:  preschool pickup, grocery store, zoo, Target, children's museum, park, dry cleaner, friends' houses, and my recent favorite - voting in a local election!

Go, Joe!  The world is your oyster!

{Taking it to the next level: self-portraiture while on a moving carousel with a child strapped to me.  That thing by Waylon's head is the ear of the wild dog June was riding on, in case you couldn't tell.}


jessica said...

Yay!!!!! You guys seriously impress me. I LOVE that photo by the way!

p.s. Happy Birthday mamma Kate!

Sarah said...

Yay! What a beuatiful photo!