Thursday, October 3, 2013

Welcome to Waylon Week

I've declared it Waylon Week here on the blog for no particular reason other than I have a bunch of catching up to do, so I thought making an announcement such as this might spur me to action.  Plus, don't you all want to get to know this little guy better?

To kick things off, here's a one minute video of him playing hallway baseball, a game he spontaneously invented yesterday.  I find it fascinating because he truly has not seen much (any?) baseball.  Neither of the girls were in tee ball this summer, and sadly, we didn't catch any games on TV, at least not with Waylon around.  I think when I last left off discussing the subject of boys vs. girls, (like a year or more ago), I still had not observed much of a difference.  [DISCLAIMER:  Before you start smugly laughing, let me clarify that I never said there are no differences between boys and girls.  I am not a clueless moron.  I merely was waiting for them to manifest themselves.]  Yeah, well, more on that later, but all of these observable behavioral differences showed up around the 18 month mark, and now he's spontaneously turning felt cookies and pointer fingers into a baseball and bat?  With a pretty good stance, if I say so myself!

By the way, thank you again to my cousin Sara for the homemade felt cookies.  They're still seeing lots of action years later.

Hallway baseball from Kate on Vimeo.

(I think of myself as trying to capture mostly candid photographs of my children, reserving the posed shots and instructions to, "Smile!" only for my personal-photography-hobby-staged-shot-experimentation, and the rare formal occasion.  Yeah, apparently not, as this video reveals Waylon to be a trained monkey saying, "Cheese!" as soon as he sees me with a camera.  Ha!)


Maggie and Mike said...

I love how he whacks the pointer (sorry, bat) into the wall and then yells "OH!" That kid cracks me up.

jessica said...

He was just a newborn when I saw him! Now look! I love his cute voice.

Kelly said...

Love this video! Miles watched it too and immediately recognized Waylon. He misses his buddy!